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Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816
Positions: Technician (HVAC/R); Technician-(Commercial-Refrigeration)
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial
BUILDING AIR SERVICES, INC. (BAS) is a multi-state commercial HVAC employer. We have been serving the South for over 20 years with the highest quality preventive maintenance programs and commercial HVAC service. We are currently looking for a Commercial HVAC/R Technician with three years’ experien
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
Positions: Technician (Commercial Refrigeration); Technician-(Ammonia-Refrigeration); Technician-(Chillers); Technician-(HVAC_R); Installer; Technician-(Appliance-Repair); Technician-(Boilers)
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial; Residential/Light Commercial
Job Description
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
Positions: Technician (Boilers); Technician-(Geothermal); Technician-(Appliance-Repair); Technician-(DDC); Installer; Technician-(HVAC_R); Technician-(Chillers); Technician-(Commercial-Cooking-Equipment); Technician-(Ammonia-Refrigeration); Technician-(Commercial-Refrigeration)
Sectors: Residential/Light Commercial; Commercial/Industrial
s an Appliance/Refrigeration Repair Technician, you will have the opportunity to repair Refrigerators, Freezers (sealed and non-sealed systems) and other home appliances such as Washers and Dryers, Gas and Electric Stoves, Microwave Ovens, Dishwashers, Trash Compactors, and Garbage Disposers in the
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801
Positions: Technician (Commercial Refrigeration); Technician-(Ammonia-Refrigeration); Technician-(Commercial-Cooking-Equipment); Technician-(Chillers); Technician-(HVAC_R); Installer; Technician-(DDC); Technician-(Appliance-Repair); Technician-(Geothermal)
Sectors: Residential/Light Commercial; Commercial/Industrial
HVAC Technician A rapidly growing telecommunications, construction, installation and maintenance organization has a HVAC Technician position open in our Managed Services division. Become part of a team dedicated to safe, quality installation work. We are looking for a highly motivated and hardworki
Covington, Louisiana 70434
Positions: Technician (Geothermal); Technician-(Chillers); Technician-(Boilers); Technician-(Ammonia-Refrigeration); Technician-(Appliance-Repair); Installer; Technician-(HVAC_R); Technician-(Commercial-Cooking-Equipment); Technician-(DDC); Technician-(Commercial-Refrigeration)
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial; Residential/Light Commercial
Looking for HVAC Service Technicians with 5 or more years experience and Helpers with at leas 1 year in-field experience. Must have a clean driving record and be able to pass a drug screen.
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
Positions: Technician (Boilers); Technician-(Commercial-Refrigeration); Technician-(Chillers); Technician-(HVAC_R); Technician-(DDC)
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial
We are looking for an established professional person to help build our commercial and industrial HVAC service business in South Louisiana to be a team coach and leader in that business.